George Lewis Quintet "Homage to Charlie Parker" June 2, 1979 Moers

Photo by Andy Newcombe.

George Lewis, tb;
Douglas Ewart, as, bamboo fl, bcl;
Wallace McMillan, fl, as;
Anthony Davis, p;
Richard Teidelbaum, synth

1. Title, Part one 35:58
2. Title, Part two 21:15
3. Blues (1977) 12:59


Here you have one of my favorite bootlegs by George Lewis Quintet (Trombonist). It's performed in a very slow pace but it's very intense. Read more info about him in wikipedia.

The studio version of this homage to Charlie Parker is very recommendable too.

Click on the image to check this item at Amazon.com.



Agata said...

Thank you very much for this show.This is quintet or quartet?

Bernie said...

Thanx Agata. I left out the pianist. Now's listed.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Wow, I can hardly wait to listen to this. I remember buying the vinyl the instant it showed up in the store (that seems like a long time ago now). Thanks!!!!

Andy said...

Apologies. I found the links. It sounds great! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I listened George Lewwis in 1980 vith Anthony Braxton... terrific music! Can you reupload George Lewis quintet live in Moers? Thanks

Bernie said...

Done. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks| Pure beauty! On Inconstant sol I searched for download George Lewis ensemble but link is dead, I wrote them a lot time ago, but they never answered. You are very kind and gentle.

Sergio said...

Excellent! Thank you!


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