Captain Beefheart - Hoboism

This is a real MUST for every Captain Beefheart fan.
Its contains astonishing blues and also psychedelic tunes as well.
Click on the images for seing (and saving) them in real size.

Gimme that harp boy.



Anonymous said...

Beefy awesomeness. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank You. This is a fine addition to my collection!

mrhatch186 said...

Can you please post Hoboism, Part 2 again. The rar is damaged and I can't open it.

Thanks, Big John

mrhatch186 said...

Can you please post Hoboism, Part 2 again. Apparently the .rar file is damaged. Listening to part 1 right now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this bootleg.I`m an afficionado of the Captain since 1975 and I am always looking for Captain bootlegs,which are rare to find.This one`s brandnew for me and I can`t wait till the post has been downloaded.

Bernie said...

I've just downloaded and tested rar files without any problem.

mrhatch186 said...


Thanks for checking the structure of the files. I've downloaded the file again, and it still is not working for me. I got Part 1, but Part 2 (Songs 9 thru 15) won't open for me. I get a message that says "The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540)" on my iMac.

Thanks anyway for your help. I am enjoying the Captain's interpretation of Key To The Highway as I write this. Brilliant!

Thanks again,
Big John

Bernie said...

Hi Big John,

I have an iMac too. I've extracted files by using Stuffit Expander as well as RarMachine, I insist, without problems.

My advice is: Install and execute RarMachine, Right click Rar file 1 and this should create a folder with the 15 MP3 in both Rars.

Good luck!


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