Tim Berne's Science Friction with Herb Robertson, Barcelona (Spain) 2004-12-04

Barcelona (Spain)

Tim Berne - Alto sax
Herb Robertson - Trumpet
Craig Taborn - Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, electronics
Marc Ducret - Electric guitar
Tom Rainey - Drums

Sound Quality: A+

1) 12:48
2) 07:46
3) 14:14
4) 17:59
5) 43:50

MP3 (available since 2012-09-02)

FLAC (available since 2012-09-13)



Anonymous said...

from maghetto :
many many thanks
great concert

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Vincent Kargatis said...

Tracks 1-2 are "Manatee Woman" (split at some applause for Herb), 3 - "Van Gundy's Retreat", 4 - "Traction". Unfortunately, I don't recognize the long track 5. Would love the title if anyone can id it.

Vincent Kargatis said...

Track 5 definitely includes the main material from "Sigh Fry". There might be additional composed stuff but I didn't recognize it as a medley of other previously performed pieces. For now I'm tagging it just "Sigh Fry".

Anonymous said...


I downloaded this but the second RAR file was corrupted. Could someone make it available?


Bernie said...

New MP3 link.

JC said...

Nice to see this pop up. I must have missed it since the original post was probably mp3. I do hope it might be added to the flac list at some point. Thanks.

Bernie said...

FLAC is now available.

JC said...

Thanks for the update/upgrade.

jahknee said...

As a fan of Craig Taborn, I can't wait to hear this! Thanks!!!


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