Cecil Taylor Quintett, Hamburg, 1995 (updated links. 3rd try)

Cecil Taylor-Piano
Harri Sjoström-Saxos
Tristan Honsinger-Cello
Paul Lovens-Drums
Thurman Barker-Marimba, percussion

Sound quality: A+

One hour and a half of pure free jazz.

New links!!! (Use hacha [PC] or MacHacha [PC & other] to join 2 parts into one mp3)



roberto t. said...


wightdj said...

Eager to hear this one, but am getting error message when unpacking .rar files. Maybe just me?

Bernie said...

You are right wightdj. The Rar files are corrupted. Thank you for telling me. I'll repack it again and up'em again very soon.

Mr. said...

hi. still having problems unpacking rar files from new links

Bernie said...

Thanx again. damm'it! I'll fix it ASAP.

Mr. said...

Thanks for trying yet again. Unfortunately I do not read Spanish so I could not find the link to d/l the Hacha program. Also I am Mac based. I suspect Hacha is only for PC users. Please post a direct link to d/l'ing the program for OS X (if possible). Thanks again.

Mr. said...

ok. so I ditched the .o and .1 after the mp3 tag and played it as 2 parts which is fine. thanks again.

Bernie said...

Try MacHacha (for Mac & PC).

roberto t. said...

My "wow!" was too optimistic. Can't unpack these strange files. Somebody can tell how was the music?


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