Liebman/Eskelin "Different but the same", Barcelona, 2009-10-21

Jazzroom (La Cova del Drac), Barcelona, Spain.

An Arco y Flecha production.

Dave Liebman: Tenor sax
Ellery Eskelin: Tenor sax
Tony Marino: Double bass
Jim Black: Drums & percussions

Sound quality: A to A+

1) 17:36 The Decider (Eskelin)
2) 16:45 ??? (Chris Speed)
3) 15:42 The Blessing (Ornette Coleman)
4) 21:46 In The Meantime (Tony Marino)
5) 26:23 ???

Different but the same.
Use 7-Zip to unpack the files.

If you want it in Rar files: click here and here.

"Renewal" is this band's latest record:

Available at squidco.com.



lc said...

thanks Bernie, but actually none of the softwares work for Mac OS Tiger operated computers. too bad...

Bernie said...

Try this.

jazzme said...

Why can't these just be uploaded regularly like the ones in the past , not complaining just asking why it has to be this way ? I can't be bothered with alot of these as I have linux and it very similar to having a mac . Thanks this is great stuff though Steve

Bernie said...

Ok. Rar files available too in the post.

lc said...

'just wanted to say thank you, Bernie, for always making the most in making those great recordings available.
I was finally able to unpack the files, but I must admit that I wouldn't mind if you did stick to Rar files.
take care.


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