Dave Douglas Golden Heart Quartet, Jazz in Marciac, 2007

Dave Douglas Golden Heart Quartet plays the music of Don Cherry

Dave Douglas, trumpet
J D Allen, tenor sax
Cameron Brown, double bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

Sound quality: A+ (SBD)

1) Awake Nu (8:27)
2) (Announcements) (0:21)
3) Art Deco (8:22)
4) Unite (11:13)
5) (Announcements) (0:39)
6) Living Streams (Dave Douglas) (8:35)
7) Mopti (6:08)
8) Elephantasy (7:21)

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zebtron said...

Holy shit this is good. Great band, great tunes, excellent recording--thanks.

wightdj said...

Interesting band line up. I'm eager to hear DD in this context. Thanks.

FONT said...

Hey you all -
Glad you like it.
There's plenty more at my artist owned store, Greenleafmusic.com. If you dig the music please come support us at the source.

Dave Douglas


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