Marc Ribot Spiritual Unity, Bcn, 2006-11-06

Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain

Sound quality: A

Marc Ribot (ldr, electric guitar)
Roy Campbell, Jr. (t)
Marc Ribot (g)
Henry Grimes (b)
Chad Taylor (d)

1) 22:53
2) 24:44
3) 00:24 (Announcements)
4) 13:01
5) 09:14
6) 09:43
7) 12:43

Get it (MP3).
FLAC one, two & three.



Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of your site and especially Ribot. Unfortunately, it appears that Part 2 has been deleted; is there any chance of a re-up? Thank you so much.

Bernie said...

Done. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Like I said, the things you do here are very appreciated.

JC said...


This is the mp3. Any chance you can post a flac set sometime?

Bernie said...

Surely. Keep an eye on the blog.

Bernie said...


JC said...

Thanks Bernie. Looks like it will be most excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

sotise said...

Awesome , thanks Bernie ... flacs appreciated... superb recording, monster show!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for FLAC, unfortunately part one is missing. :(


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