Dave Holland's 60th birthday concert, London, 2006-11-18

Dave Holland's 60th birthday concert,
recorded live at the Barbican, London, on 18th November 2006

Broadcast BBC Radio Three, 24 November 2006
Sound quality: A+

Dave Holland - double bass
Jim Hall - guitar
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet

1. The Whirling Dervish (performed by Holland & Hall)
Composer: Dave Holland

2. The Oracle (performed by Holland, Hall & Wheeler)
Composer: Dave Holland

3. Careful (performed by Holland, Hall and Wheeler)
Composer: Jim Hall

Dave Holland Quintet:

Dave Holland - double bass
Chris Potter - saxophone
Robin Eubanks - trombones
Nate Smith - drums
Jason Moran - piano

4. Prime Directive
Composer: Dave Holland

5. Full Circle
Composer: Robin Eubanks

6. Lucky 7
Composer: Dave Holland

MP3 (New link from 2013-02-03)



Jazz Boot Experiment said...

can you fix this the link is dead cheers

Bernie said...

Done. Enjoy it!

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

bernie thank you very much and i will enjoy it cheers


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