Dave Douglas Quartet & Roy Campbell Quartet, NYC, 2006-09-16

Dave Douglas Quartet
Roy Campbell Quartet
Play the music of Don Cherry
Merkin Hall

September 16 2006

Sound quality: A+

Dave Douglas Quartet

Dave Douglas Trumpet
JD Allen Sax
Henry Grimes Bass
Andrew Cyrille Drums

Roy Campbell Quartet

Roy Campbell Trumpets
Mixashawn Reeds
William Parker Bass
Hamid Drake Drums

The recording came out pretty well after an initial technical difficulty resulting in the first tune of the night being missed. Also, Mr Grimes was very under-amplified

The performances were fantastic....Douglas' quartet opened with excepts from "Complete Communion" followed by Campbell's Quartet, doing Charlie Haden's "Song For Che" and a Campbell-penned Cherry tribute.

After an intermission, All 8 players performed the complete "Symphony For Improvisors" LP

Disc 1

1 Introduction
2 DDQ+RCQ Symphony For Improvisors pt1
3 DDQ+RCQ Symphony For Improvisors pt2

MP3 (New link from May, the 5th, 2013)



twing:kling said...

Many thanks for posting this! I was very fortunate to have attended this show while visiting NYC via Seattle that week. Even better was to sit and chat with Joe McPhee during/after. It's quite special to be able to relive this performance and share with friends for whom words failed to convey the magic. Any chance of posting a lossless version in the future?


Bernie said...

Thanx for your comment.
The audio source is MPEG-2 which is lossless. I just converted it to MP3.

Hookfinger said...

Fairly new visitor here and thought this looked promising. Alas it is removed from Mediafire. Any chance of a reup somewhere else? Even RS bastards? I know what a pain that can be so thanks no matter what.

Bernie said...

Re-uploaded. Have fun!

Hookfinger said...

Magnificent. Thank you very much!


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