The Nels Cline Singers, Terrassa (Barcelona), 2015-03-19

Nova Jazz Cava, Terrassa (Barcelona)

Nels Cline - Guitars & electronics
Cyro Baptista - Percussion
Trevor Dunn - Electric & acoustic basses
Scott Amendola - Drums

Sound Quality: A+ (yet eventual clicks & pops) 

Binaural microphones (Sound professionals) > Soundman A3 power supply adapter > digital recorder (Roland Edirol R-09HR Firmware ver. 1.05, WAV PCM 24-bit 96 KHz) > SDHC > iMac i7 HDD > editor (Ocenaudio) > FLAC > MediaHuman Audio Converter > FLAC (16-bit 44.1 KHz) & MP3 (320 Kbps)

First set:
  • 101-Forge (Album "Initiate")
  • 102-A mug like mine (Album "Instrumentals")
  • 103-King Queen (Album "Initiate")
  • 104-The angel of angels (Album "Draw Breath")
  • 105-The angel of angels 
  • 106-(Announcements)
  • 107-Canales' Cabeza (Album "Macroscope")
  • 108-(Announcements)
  • 109-Divining (Album "Initiate")
Second set:
  • 201-You noticed (Album "Initiate")
  • 202-Respira (Album "Macroscope")
  • 203-(Announcements)
  • 204-Sascha's Book of Frogs (Album "Macroscope")
  • 205-Cause for concern (Album "Instrumentals")
  • 206-Cause for concern 
  • 207-(Announcements)
  • 208-Seven Zed Heaven (Album "Macroscope")
  • 301 A.I.R. ("All India Radio" by Carla Bley)
Total timing: 2 hours

MP3 (288.3 MB) Part onetwo
FLAC (16-bit & 44.1 KHz, 847.2 MB)
FLAC (24-bit & 96 KHz 1.3 GB) (2016-03-18)

The Nels Cline Singers latest project:

Macroscope (2014)



mike said...


Bernie said...

Hopefully, for the next recordings I hope to fix the "clicks & pops issue" by using a new leading edge tech SD card like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91xuc84qoxL._SX522_.jpg

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, but I cannot play these files. They don't seem to be FLAC files.

JC said...


^^ - A shame about the clicks and pops if they're not part of the original recording... I'd assumed it was something on the master. It needn't be an issue introduced during editing.

^ Anon there are flac files here that played for me.

Bernie said...

JC, Clicks and pops appeared in the recording before the editing. In my "To Do List" is to clean up these issues and then publish a REMASTERED version. I'll do it as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

What program did you use to play these files?

Bernie said...

These files are compressed. To decompress them use 7-Zip for Windows http://www.7-zip.org/ or The Unarchiver for Mac: http://www.filehippo.com/mac/download_the_unarchiver.

JC said...

Sorry. Wasn't following you. The recorder card is important. One should always buy from a major retailer because there are so many counterfeits. Never buy them on ebay and watch out for the low price third party sellers on other sites like Amazon. I'd go direct to B&H or Best Buy or even an office supply retailer like Staples or Office Depot. If you can't verify they got them direct from SanDisk they're going to be fakes... The other thing to do is to make sure you format the card in the recorder itself before each use. Sometimes if you remove files from the card in a computer and don't then reformat the card in the recorder the next set of files recorded can be corrupted.

Bernie said...

JC, Thank you for your advices.
I always format the card in the recorder before each use.

I've been quite busy lately but, in the next days I hope to fix these annoying noises from this recording as it is an outstanding concert.

For the next recording I hope the new card works fine. It is one of the fastest cards currently available.
It's suitable for recording 4K video, thus, this can write big amounts of data in a very short time.

mike said...

incomplete FM version on this on dime a dozen


Anonymous said...

The Dime FM version samples sound like they have been massively EQ'd and compressed. Don't know if the real files are the same. I would like to download this but Mega will not let me grab it, saying that the files are > 1GB. Can any body help.

Thanks...TomP (tom_phillips from Dime)

mike said...

the 16 bit files are less than 1 gb, the 24 bit files appear to be gone. Let me know if you need the 16 bit ones Mike (duclism)

Bernie said...

24-bit files re-uploaded.

mike said...

thanks, Bernie! I'll alert Tom about that

Bernie said...

Thanks to you, Mike.

tom_phillips said...

Thanks to Bernie and mike, I got it now !!

However Mega gives a message that it can't download files greater than 1Gb (bits not bytes) and it is incompatible with Windows Explorer.

I'm trying to download the Full Blast Bcn 2012 but need help with that too.

Thanks in advance...TomP

Bernie said...

Hi Tom,

These FLAC files are compressed by using 7-zip and splitted in 200 MB files, so there's not a problem to download each file and once you have them all in your computer, decompress them by 7-zip. Right click the file that ends with "001" and select "7-zip/Extract here..."

For windows: http://www.7-zip.org/

mike said...

you might be having a browser issue, Mega doesn't really work well with any browser except Chrome

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