Tim Berne Snakeoil, Barcelona, 2015-02-20 (Evening set)

© John Rogers, ECM Records

Venue: Jamboree, Barcelona, 2015-02-20 (Evening set)

Tim Berne (as),
Oscar Noriega (cl, bcl)
Matt Mitchell (p)
Chess Smith (d, perc)

Sound Quality: A+

Binaural microphones (Sound professionals) > Soundman A3 power supply adapter > digital recorder (Roland Edirol R-09HR Firmware ver. 1.05, WAV PCM 24-bit 96 KHz) > SDHC > iMac i7 HDD > editor (Ocenaudio) > WAV > MediaHuman Audio Converter > FLAC (24-bit 96 KHz & 16-bit 44.1 KHz) & MP3 (320 Kbps)

01) 01:26 Announcements
02) 08:40 Lost in Redding
03) 00:27 Announcements
04) 10:18 Hora de Feliz
05) 00:09 Announcements
06) 08:42 Sting Ray Shuffle
07) 00:40 Announcements
08) 14:52 Embraceable Me

FLAC 24-bit 96 KHz (800 MB)
FLAC 16-bit 44.1 KHz (CD-Audio) (440.4 MB)
MP3 (320 Kbps) (108.7 MB)

Notes: Music tracks have not been equalized because the recording quality was so good that it didn't need any editing enhancement.

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(2013) Shadow Man  



Anonymous said...

Potser disposes del segon set?

Bernie said...

I just attended the first set. Sorry.

Pere said...

Thank you, Bernie for your post

JC said...

Thanks. Happy to see some new ones here!

JC said...

Thanks again. This is an outstanding recording and set. The first song of the show 02) 08:40 is announced as "Lost in Redding" which this spelling assumes is the city in CT (or CA). That would be Reading if the city in PA...

Bernie said...

Thank you for the comment!


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