Hank Roberts "Black Pastels", Berlin Jazz Festival, 1988-11-03

Hank Roberts - cello, ac g, electronics
Tim Berne - as,
Ray Anderson - tb,
Art Baron - tb,
Dave Taylor - b-tb,
Bill Frisell - g,
Joey Baron - dr

1) 11:15 ???
2) 15:00 100 years tender
3) 02:04 rain village
4) 07:53 ???
5) 09:42 ???
6) 10:55 ???
0:56:49  New Link!!!  (Checksum MD5)  (MD5?)



JackRamon said...


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Anonymous said...

What a lineup! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

from maghetto :
many many thanks,
but not listen track 2
best regards

Moes Lake said...

That is huge! I've never heard of Hank Robets but this one is really one of the best lives I've heard for a long time! Incredible energy and atmosphere. Incredible stuff, thank you so much for sharing!

lc said...

last year I saw a subsequent Roberts/Berne association live (Buffalo Collision) and it was grand (Roberts especially was amazing), but it left me unprepared for this way earlier set. I suspect that Frisell and Baron (Ray Anderson too) being in the mix are not unresponsible for the groove flowing thru it all.
thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is totally great!
I usually turn off this kind of jazz stuff after some seconds, because most of it sounds just the same (to me, anyway) and rarely do I find something that really gets me.
This here is musical genius at work and it's a real experience to just follow these tunes.
Thanks for posting this!
It's gotten me as far as ordering the studio recordings right away.


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