Frank Wright, eight recordings

According to wikipedia.org:
Frank Wright (9 July 1935 – 17 May 1990) was a free jazz musician known for his frantic style of tenor saxophone.

Wright was born in Grenada, Mississippi. He was originally a bass player, working with B. B. King and Bobby "Blue" Bland among others.[1] His style is often compared to Albert Ayler, who was one of his major influences. In addition to tenor saxophone, he also played the soprano saxophone and bass clarinet.

The following albuns can be individually downloaded from this folder.

  1. Frank Wright / Muhammad Ali - Adieu Little Man

    Center of the World 004 F rec Paris 4/74
    Frank Wright-ts,bcl Muhammad Ali-d

  2. Frank Wright Quartet - Last Polka in Nancy

    Center of the World (CW 002)

    Recorded Nancy, France 10/10/73

    Frank Wright-ts;
    Bobby Few-p;
    Alan Silva-b;
    Muhammad Ali-d

    01 - Winter Echoes (Few) 15:00
    02 - Guanna Dance, Part 1 (Silva) 4:05
    03 - Guanna Dance, Part 2 (Silva) 11:40
    04 - Thinking of Monk (Few) 1:20
    05 - Doing the Polka (Few) 10:00

    Fractal 007 CD Detmold, Neue Anta 1978

    06 - Two Birds with One Stone (Wright) 18:57

  3. Run with the cowboys

    Private lp release that was recorded at Studio Fawe Street. London E14. No date is given for this recording.

    Frank Wright - tenor sax, vocals
    Frank Wollny - guitar
    Peter Kowald - acoustic bass
    Coen Alberts - drums
    A.R. Penck - el-piano, flute, vocals


    1) Run with the cowboys
    2) Do you like it (part 1)
    3) An other day
    4) Do you like it (part 2)

  4. Frank Wright, Bobby Few & Alan Silva - Solos & Duets. Vol. 1

    Sun SR102 Recorded Massy Paris Reims 1/75 - 11/75

    Bobby Few - Piano
    Alan Silva - Bass
    Frank Wright - Tenor Sax

    Side A.
    1. Song For Cyrille, Children Of Joy
    2. El Torro
    3. Unknown Step

    Side B.
    4. Echo Send
    5. Sound Of A

  5. Frank Wright, Bobby Few & Alan Silva - Solos & Duets. Vol. 2

    Sun SR103 Recorded Massy Paris Reims 1/75-11/75

    Bobby Few - Piano
    Alan Silva - Bass
    Frank Wright - Tenor Sax

    Side A.

    1. Grenada
    2. Fondemental Blues

    Side B.

    3. Who's Got The Keys
    4. We Have Found The Keys

  6. Paradiso (Amsterdam) 1970

  7. live in Ulm, 04.March 1990

    Frank Wright.....ts,acl,voice
    Frank Wollny.....el.bass

    Ulm/D, Galerie Holmat the occasion of a vernissage of ar.penck´s(aka Ralf Winkler) graphical works

    One set only.1) 15:402) 04:593) 07:504) 15:105) 02:25total: 46:08

  8. Stove Man, Love is the World.
    Recorded: Munich Loft May 22, 1979

    Frank Wright - tenor sax, vocals
    Kamal Abdul Alim - trumpet
    Tony Smith - piano
    Richard Williams - bass
    Kahlil Abdullah - conga, percussion
    Gerry Griffin - drums

    1. Stove Man, Love is the Word
    2. T-and-W
    3. Rice Patch
    4. Export

Highly recommended albums:

Frank Wright - Church Number Nine
Church Number Nine

Frank Wright - The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings
Complete ESP-Disk recordings



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If you like some more information about Frank Wright staying in germany and membership of TTT, contact vlatten@t-online.de

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OK, but where is 8th record:
"Stove Man, Love is the World"?


Bernie said...

Mediafire must have erased it. This can be found here.

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