Maya Homburger & Barry Guy, Bcn, 2009-07-30

Fundació Miró, Barcelona, Spain

Maya Homburger- Baroque violins (From 1720 & 1740).
Barry Guy- Double bass & percussions.

Sound Quality: A

01-(9:16) Unknown
02-(0:49) (Maya speaks)
03-(6:08) Annalisa (Bass solo)
04-(0:45) (Maya speaks)
05-(9:13) Homage to Max Bill
06-(0:24) (Maya speaks)
07-(5:59) "The Carrying of the Cross" (Mystery Sonata IX by H.I.F Biber) & "Interlude" (Barry Guy)
08-(0:33) (Barry speaks)
09-(10:36) Five Fizzles (Homage to Samuel Beckett)
10-(1:04) (Maya speaks)
11-(10:41) "The Crucifixion" (Mystery Sonata X by H.I.F Biber)
12-(2:54) Unknown (Encore)
0:58:22 (Updated on 2014-07-12)

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The couple's homepage: barryguy.com
Spotify: "Ceremony" (ECM. 1999)



wightdj said...

Good stuff, thanks.

wightdj said...
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Dave Reaboi said...

is the link dead?

Bernie said...

I'll re-up it "asap".

Bernie said...



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