Fred Frith & Paolo Angeli. Barcelona, 2009-07-01

Centre Artesà Tradicionarius,
Vila de Gràcia (Barcelona), Spain.

Fred Frith: Electric guitar, electronics & percussions.
Paolo Angeli: Sardinian prepared guitar, electronics & percussions.

Sound Quality: A+

One single track of 47 minutes (MP3).

FLAC one & two.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Many thanks for sharing this. Haven't listened to the whole thing yet but snippets sound fantastic. If I ever had the chance to hear these two gents play, i'd be there in a heartbeat, but this is certainly the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

thanks to share to every one the emotions we had playing toghether. It's for me a big plesure that people can listen for free our music and...I liked to listen the concert too!

best from paolo

Bernie said...

Thank you Paolo. You are great.

Anonymous said...

i'm listening to "nita" now as i download the concert... paolo, i love your compositions and arrangements as much as i love your playing! you simply must release some more large ensemble writing (i know it's not an easy thing to finance, but the world needs more "imaginary film music" from you.

oh, and this frith guy... he's pretty good, too... ;^)

Anonymous said...

Lisbon will have Fred Frith's Massacre August 9, 2014!!!!


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