Adrian Belew Power Trio, Barcelona, 2008-10-21

Venue: Sala Bikini, Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

Photo from here.

Adrian Belew: Voice, guitar & electronics
Julie Slick: Bass
Eric Slick: Drums

Audio quality: A (Recorded @ 24-bit 96 KHz)

01) 4:29 Writing on the wall
02) 4:51 Ampersand
03) 5:20 Dinosaur
04) 7:07 Young Lions
05) 0:39 (Band intro)
06)13:42 Beat Box guitar
07) 4:50 Matchless Man
08) 8:27 Madness
09) 5:22 Neurotica
10) 5:24 Of Bow and Drum
11) 5:06 Big Electric Cat
12) 0:44 (Presentations)
13) 7:02 E
14) 0:18 (Presentations)
15) 3:45 Three of a Perfect Pair
16) 0:25 (Adrian talks)
17) 7:20 Thela Hun Ginjeet

FLAC (since 2012-09-13)



Yotte said...

I'm really excited to hear this. AB's music is so idiosyncratic and awesome. These kids he's playing with are pretty astounding, too. Thank YOU!

Bernie said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Enorme aporte!! Gracias.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you very much.

machen said...

I'd love to listen to your recording. If you could reupload it somehow, I'd greatly appreciate it.

And thanks for the couple of your recordings I've been able to download so far!

Bernie said...

New MP3 link.

machen said...

Thanks very much for fulfilling my request, but I guess I'll go for the FLAC files!

Bernie said...

FLAC available.

machen said...

Thanks so much, you're too kind!


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