Peter Evans Solo + Trio, Barcelona, 2017-12-17

Photo Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Peter_Evans_05N0769.jpg

Teatre del CCCB, Barcelona, 2017-12-17
Sampler Series

Peter Evans (Trumpet),
Joel Ross (Vibes),
Max Jaffe (Drums and electronics)

Sound Quality: A+

Binaural microphones (Sound professionals) > Soundman A3 power supply adapter > digital recorder (Roland Edirol R-09HR Firmware ver. 1.05, WAV PCM 16-bit 44.1 KHz) > SDHC SanDisk Ultra HC-1 Class 10 > iMac i7 SSD > Sound Editor (Adobe Audition 2014) > FLAC

1) Solo (33:25)
2) Trio (49:16)



Don't miss Peter Evans' Listen/Buy web site: https://peterevansmusic.bandcamp.com/



mike said...


Bernie said...

you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Did this really come from a performance yesterday? Wow...that's pretty amazing. Thank you very much, I will check out more of Peter's music.

Vitko said...

Thank you very much.

Bill said...

I received a nastygram (take down notice) from him the other day when I posted one of his shows on my blog. No doubt he'll show up here soon enough.

Richard said...

If you post Peter's live performances, he'll end up a pauper like Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir.

Bernie said...

Richard, I'm not earning any money by posting these unofficial shows. At the same time I encourage visitors to access his web site where there are some albums on sale.

Richard said...

Bernie, I think I was not being clear enough. I was being critical of musicians who send take-down notices of fans sharing their live recordings.

The point I was making is that no musician has ever gone bankrupt because of the sharing of live unofficial recordings of shows and some (such as the Grateful Dead) have earned many many many times what they could ever have hoped to earn when starting out, primarily because of widespread sharing of their live recordings.

Keep posting live music!

Bernie said...

I understand it now.
Thank you, Richard.


Luc Mosley said...



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