Some lines about this blog

  • The aim of this blog is merely to share bootlegs and records not in sale among the vanguard music community, offering the opportunity to discover bands and to (re)enjoy some gigs, therefore it is a kind of free promotion for the musicians without any commercial interest in exchange.
  • It is NOT intended to make any economic profit.
  • It does NOT not want to compete with commercial channels. Any listener is free to buy music from these channels. It only relies on every user. 
  • This blog truly respects musicians' art and in any case, if any musician doesn't want their music in this blog it is immediately put it down from it.
If you would like to discuss this subject with me, you may send me an email.

Excuse my English mistakes and enjoy the music.


1 Comment:

Santiago Molina said...

Despite all the opinion from tiny minds, this blog promote and spread good music more than others "official channels" usually do. And in Rest in Bits there is not economic profit, not at all. So, my vote in for Rest in Bits and others like him, no doubt about it!


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