Trio Celea, Parisien & Reisinger, Toulouse (France) 2011-12-08

"Autour d'Ornette Coleman", Festival Jazz en Scènes 2011-12-08

Emile PARISIEN, saxophone
Jean-Paul CELEA, double bass
Wolfgang REISINGER, drums.

Information from this Festival Web page:

John Paul Celea is among the few soloists as convincing in the records of the classical and contemporary music than in jazz - where the rigor of his aesthetic choices and openness to the most free forms are served by a sumptuous sound. Constantly affirming his love for gateways, here he found his partner Wolfgang Reisinger, major player in the Austrian scene, particularly within the Vienna Art Orchestra. Sought by masters such as Dave Liebman and Joachim Kühn, their tandem stands out as one of Europe's most luxurious rhythm of the moment. Alongside them, Emile Parisien, saxophonist of the younger generation of surprising maturity in which modernity and energy fit perfectly in line with the legacy of Coltrane.

  1. (16:28)
  2. (08:11)
  3. (08:34)
  4. (10:27)
  5. (08:41)
  6. (16:05)
  7. (05:24)



Anonymous said...

This looks exceptionally good. Trouble is, the link connects to nothing... (It looks as though it will but it never does.)


Anonymous said...

Whoops... Sorry. My mistake. And it IS good stuff!

JC said...

Thanks but I didn't quite catch that this was MP3. Too bad. Could it be available in better fidelity?

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