Ken Vandermark's Made to Break, Bcn, 2011-11-20

Luz de Gas, Barcelona, Spain,
Webpage of the gig.

Ken Vandermark, TS, Cl
Tim daisy, D & P
Devin Hoff, B
Christof Kurzmann, Laptop

Arco y Flecha, Production

Binaural microphones (Sound professionals) > Soundman A3 power supply adapter > digital recorder (Roland Edirol R-09HR Firmware ver. 1.05, WAV PCM 24-bit 96 KHz) > SDHC > iMac i7 > HDD > editor (Amadeus Pro 1.4.1) > FLAC Level 8 (24-bit 96 KHz) > FLAC (16-bit 44.1 KHz) > MP3 -V 0

Sound quality: A+

  1. 00:57 (Announcements)
  2. 19:45
  3. 00:35 (Ken speaks)
  4. 15:21
  5. 01:28 (Ken speaks)
  6. 21:17
  7. 05:02 (1st encore)
  8. 00:11 (Ken speaks)
  9. 05:06 (2nd encore)
MP3 (119 MB) (2014-12-03)

This is my first live recording using Soundman A3 power supply adapter as a replacement of the other one which had some defects. The quality of the sound is much better and the white noise, present in recent recordings,  has completely disappeared.
I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to drop a comment. 



Santiago Molina said...

Buenisima calidad! Enhorabuena! Suena de maravilla! Gracias por el esfuerzo!

maghetto said...

thanks again

Moe said...

Thank You!!

jackalope said...

Good to hear some "hot off the press" Ken. Nice audience recording. The good work you're doing is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks !!

TomP from Dime

mike said...

"The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later"

keep getting the above for the flac set, anyone else? I've been trying for 4 or 5 days.........

Bernie said...

s..t happens. it's up to megaupload when they make it available. please keep trying.

mike said...

got it today, thanks!


Anonymous said...

The link to an MP3 rar file is broken.
Can you reupload it please?

Bernie said...

New link.


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