About my last recordings

I've noticed in my last recordings (including Lisbon ones) a background annoying white noise.

After some tests I founded out that the issue comes from the microphones amplifier. I had to diminish this defect at editing proces by applying denoising filters.

I will replace that component as soon as possible.

Update (2011/11/03):
I've got the device:

Good news!!!

After some tests with this new set, the results are outstanding, so I hope the next recordings will have a pure crystal sound of hight quality.

Later this month I expect to attend a good concert.

Keep in touch.



Anonymous said...

Your recordings are always excellent. I can recomment the Naiant Tiny box as a mic pre-amp. Usually gives me good results.


Bernie said...

Thank you, I do my best.

mike said...

thanks, I'm listening to the Murcof right now, pretty nice. For loud music a simple battery box works, and even if the music is soft, you can record 24 bit which adds non-hissy headroom. appreciate your efforts!!


JC said...

Thanks for the efforts. The mics seemed to be giving you some troubles on recent ones but we still enjoy them.

Santiago Molina said...

Gracias Bernie, eres maquinicar!!


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