Emergency! 2003/08/26 Pitt Inn, Tokyo (Japan)

Sound Q: A-

"Emergency!" are:

Otomo Yoshihide (lead electric guitar)
Ryoichi Saito (lead electric guitar)
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums)
Hiroaki Mizutani (bass)

First Part:

1) Sing sing sing (14:02) (Louis Prima)
2) Run and Run (17:35) (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki)
3) A)Don't say it. B) The inflated tear (20:39) (A: Emergency! B: Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
4) Better git hit in your soul (11:49) (Charles Mingus)

Second Part:

1) Fables of Faubus (20:13) (Charles Mingus)
2) Emergency! Walkin' (13:30) (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki)
3) I say a little prayer (15:41) (Burt Bacharach)
4) Good night (9:07) (Lennon/McCartney)

FLAC (New file from 2012-10-12)
MP3 (New file from 2012-10-12)


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santyjazz said...

Brutal! Cojonudo!

JC said...


V. said...

I am working on a jazz documentary and I would like to contact you by email. There is no email address in your blog, would you be so kind to send it to me at: rios.orangethenblue@gmail.com
Thank you,
Valeria Rios

mike said...

thanks for your blog, appreciated!

good stuff, please keep up the uploads,


sotise said...

thanks so much .. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Would you please re-up? The set seems wonderful...

Bernie said...

Done. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will!


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