Billy Hart, Enchance (Out-of-print)

Billy Hart (dr,perc);
Oliver Lake (as,ss,fl);
Dewey Redman (ts)(not on 5.);
Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tp,koto);
Eddie Henderson (tp,flh,el flh)(1,3,5);
Don Pullen (p, el p);
Buster Williams (b)(1,3.5);
Dave Holland(b)(2,4,6,7);
Michael Thabo Carvin (perc)(5)

  1. Diff Customs (Lake) 5:44
  2. Shadow Dance (Holland) 7:43
  3. Layla-Joy (Hart) 6:55
  4. Corner Culture (Redman) 2:47
  5. Rahsaan is Beatiful (Peterson) 4:31
  6. Pharoah (Pullen) 9:31
  7. Hymn for the Old Year (Lake) 8:48

February 24 and March 3, 1977, Generation Sound, NYC
CD: A&M CD-0818

MP3 (Since 2014-09-22)



Bombshelter Slim said...

Hey kids, trust me! You NEED this in your collection!!!

SlimStew said...

Thanks!--I know, this one's killer. Love this period of Jazz--Inside/Outside.

Anonymous said...

Love the inside / outside indeed. Been looking for this for a long time - thanks!

Certifiablockhead said...

this's the stuff man...cheers, to your health

Anonymous said...

This has always been a favorite recording, I have gone through 2LPs over the years. Any chance of a reup of the link? It would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.


Bernie said...

Done. Enjoy!


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