Sin anestesia (10 saxos!!!), Barcelona, 2011-02-20

“Músiques disperses” season
Venue: Heliogàbal (Barcelona)

Sin Anestesia (no anesthesia) are:
Alfonso Muñoz, baritone
El Pricto, alto
Agustí Martínez, alto
Liba Villavecchia, alto
Lluís Vallès, baritone
Tom Chant, soprano
Xavier Díaz Herrera, C soprano
Ferran Besalduch, bass
Pep Pascual, tenor
Albert Cirera, tenor.
2 cardioid microphones (Sound professionals) > amplifier & bass filter (in battery box) > digital recorder (Edirol R-09HR Ver. 1.05, WAV PCM 24-bit 96 KHz) > SDHC > iMac i7 > HDD > editor (Amadeus Pro 1.4.1)  > FLAC Level 8 (16-bit 44.1 KHz)

Sound quality: A+

  1. 3:30. Glissando
  2. 5:10. Liba Villavecchia, alto; Ferran Besalduch, bass; Pep Pascual, tenor.
  3. 5:51. Lluís Vallès, baritone; Alfonso Muñoz, baritone; Agustí Martínez, alto; El Pricto, alto.
  4. 4:06. Albert Cirera, tenor.
  5. 4:44. Tom Chant, soprano; Xavier Díaz Herrera, tenor.
  6. 2:54. El Pricto, alto.
  7. 5:00. Xavier Díaz Herrera, C soprano; Tom Chant, soprano; Liba Villavecchia, tenor; Ferran Besalduch, bass.
  8. 7:04. Lluís Vallès, baritone; Albert Cirera, tenor; Pep Pascual, tenor.
  9. 4:40. Alfonso Muñoz, alto; Agustí Martínez, alto.
  10. 3:51. Tom Chant, soprano.
  11. 6:33. Lluís Vallès, baritone; Agustí Martínez, alto; Ferran Besalduch, bass.
  12. 5:10. Albert Cirera, tenor; El Pricto, alto.
  13. 7:58. Liba Villavecchia, soprano, Alfonso Muñoz, baritone; Pep Pascual,tenor; Xavier Díaz Herrera, tenor.
  14. 1:07. Announcements
  15. 2:24. Announcements for the following track.
  16. 5.28.“Three pizzas for the Marx Brothers”: Chico (Lluís Vallès, baritone; Agustí Martínez, alto; Alfonso Muñoz, alto), Groucho (Liba Villavecchia, soprano; Pep Pascual, tenor; Tom Chant, soprano), Harpo (Ferran Besalduch, bass; Albert Cirera, tenor; Xavier Díaz Herrera, C soprano), conductor: El Pricto.
FLAC one & two

Personal note: Thanks to the musicians for that wonderful show and their kindness allowing this recording and providing data.

More info at Jack Torrance's Overlook Hotel blog.

UPDATE: See these wonderful photos from the event taken by Joan Cortès.



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