Mostly Other People Do The Killing, Amsterdam, 2009-05-29

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bimhuis
May 29, 2009

Jon Irabagon - tenor sax
Peter Evans - trumpet
Matthew Thomas "Moppa" Elliott - bass
Kevin Shea - drums

1. Drainlick (M.T. Elliott)
    Round Bottom, Square Top (M.T. Elliott)
    Dunkelbergers (M.T. Elliott)
    All the Things You Are (J. Kern)
    Hop Bottom Hop (M.T. Elliott) - 31:48
2. East Orwell (M.T. Elliott) - 9:37
1. Pen Argyl (M.T. Elliott)
    Mars and Venus (M.T. Elliott)
    Two Boots Jack (M.T. Elliott) - 28:00
2. Little Hope (M.T. Elliott)
    My Delightful Muse (M.T. Elliott)
    A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie)
    Shamokin (M.T. Elliott)
    Sinners (B. Alexander) - 35:51
3. Lost Voices (D. Toure) - 1:11
TT: 106:28 - complete!

Sound: A
Source: NL Radio6 > DVB-S (48 khz/256kbps) > TechniSat SkyStar HD2 > DVB Viewer > Audacity > flac

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Thanks to ubu for allowing me put this post.
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ubu said...

new FLAC post here, cleaned up of various spam comments:


Anonymous said...

recently caught this band live... they did all the killing that night! thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

if its possible a reuplaod would be very nice.

thx in advance and for this great blog

Bernie said...

Done. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

great service. thx a lot


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