Ben Goldberg Quartet, NYC, 2010-02-17 (Equalized)

I found this short concert on the Internet and as the sound was quite poor I equalized it and here you are.

February 17th 2010
John Zorn's Masada Marathon
Abrons Arts Center, New York City

Ben Goldberg : Clarinet
Matt Wilson : Drums
Jamie Saft : Piano
Greg Cohen : Bass

Sound quality: A

1) 5:21
2) 2:59
3) 3:26
4) 6:23

Ben Golberg's homepage is bengoldberg.net.
See "Store" section for purchases.



Arcturus said...

for some time now I've enjoyed many of the concerts you've been posting - just wanted to say thanks for 'em all, & that I'm especially looking forward to hearing this one - Goldberg's established himself as one of the finest clarinetists on the scene today

Arcturus said...

greatly appreciated, thank you


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