Embryo, 40 jahre tour, Barcelona 2010-02-28

Espai Jove de Gràcia, Barcelona (Spain)

Christian Burchard - Marimbas, Santur, Keyboards, conductor
Dieter Serfas - Drums
Mik Quantius - Voice
Marja Burchard - Marimba, Trombon, Keyboards
Johnny Hamel - Percussions
Valentin - Electric guitar
Gregor Platzer - Double bass, Guembri
Andreas Gohike - Reeds
Didak Ruiz - Percussions
David Drudis - Electric guitar, Oud
Anna - Viola Da Gamba
Igor Daniel - VJ (Visual Jockey)
Mariló Giné - VJ

Sound quality: A

1) 14:45
2) 08:27
3) 08:28
4) 14:54
5) 17:13
6) 21:50
7) 25:33
1:51:10 in MP3
FLAC (741 MB)

band info from wikipedia



Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's quiet interessting but to be honest i have a hard time figuring it... I'm wondering what others have to say....

hh said...

thanx a lot for this amzing Embryo set and for chance to listen to Stahlband


magogiallo said...

Thank you for the super fast upgrade of this concert and even for the stahlband concert. I am interested in some other recordings you have posted in mp3, but I don't want to ask too much, if it is ok for you let me know Thank you

Bernie said...

From time to time i update posts with FLAC files and announce it in the news section.

magogiallo said...

ok Bernie, thank you

Anonymous said...

hello again

link to part 2 (FLAC) is dead

can you add new?



Bernie said...

Done. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

very much :)


Piero said...

I'm very glad to meet your blog for the first time, looking around for rare Embryo gigs, and now that I found it.... link is dead!
Please, re-up this concert!
Thank You!

Bernie said...

Soon. Thank you for your comment.


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