Dave Burrell Solo, Barcelona (Spain), 2006-02-03

Dave Burrell: Piano

Sound quality: A+

set 1: 1:09:07
set 2: 1:04:26




JC said...

Love his playing. Thanks very much (and for the flac).

trane said...

Me again, sorry, forget the question about the applause, I heard it at the end, so I assume the whole set was played as a medley and the track separation is made only for practical purpose

trane said...

I kept on missing some titles!, here is the definitive setlist:

Dave Burrell Solo,
Barcelona (Spain),
tt 135

Dave Burrell: Piano

set 1 (tt 69.07):
1) Title 20:12
2) S'wonderful 12:25
3) Title 10:43
4) Lush life 07:25
5) Title 10:13
6) Margie Pargie (?) 04:43
7) Blackmail tango (?) 03:36

set 2 (tt 64.26)
1) Title 03:28
2) I´m in the mood for love 08:15
3) Title 09:37
4) Title 04:49
5) Title 03:49
6) For all we know (?) 10:05
7) Sophisticaed lady/Body and soul/Somewhere over the rainbow/Smoke gets in your eyes 13:30
8) Title/Giant steps 10:53

JC said...

Thanks a lot for the flac edition ;-). Just unpacked and giving it a spin this afternoon. Really nice recording (nice piano too). He's a great player. I love the way he leaps way off into the great beyond, then snaps right back to the tune spot on. Remarkable improviser.

nick said...

any chance for a new link? thank you.

Bernie said...

Done. Sorry for the delay.
No FLACs available.

Nick said...

thank you very much. love dave burrell


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