John Surman Quartet, 2008-07-30, Barcelona (Spain)

John Surman Quartet
Teatre Grec, Barcelona (Spain)

Line up:

John Surman - Soprano & tenor saxophones, small flute
John Taylor - Piano
Chris Laurence -Double bass
John Marshall - Drums
Paul Herwin - Sound engineer

Sound Quality: A


1) 0:40 (Intro)
2) 11:32
3) 9:37
4) 21:43
5) 0:41
6) 9:05
7) 14:04
8) 1:04
9) 32:41
10) 3:30 (Truncated because the recorder ran out of battery)

MP3 (New link from August 2012)



lc said...

I just discovered this blog after sneaking here and there and it's incredible the diversity and quality of those posted recordings.
'not sure why there are so very few comments, maybe they are erased as time goes by, but I just wanted to greet you and thank you for the offer.
now, to listen to all of these!
thanks again.

Bernie said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you like these recordings.
Everyone is free to drop their comments, they're never erased.

oswjazz said...

bravo!please continue you are doing a great work!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this one, I have several Surman albums but haven't heard this line-up; I look forward to hearing it.

Anonymous said...

im very interested in getting this out of print john surman can you e-mail me on how jomtcl@aol.com ! john thanks surman playin tenor i gotta hear this!

daniel said...

hello Bernie

any chances of a re-post?
waiting for this

thanks a lot man

Bernie said...

Updated link.


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